16 December 2012

Contacting a Clinic

So my first step was to contact a clinic.  A very good friend of mine has been going through IVF for two years now (and just gave birth to twins after 8 rounds).  Although she didn't have any of her treatment here in London, she had been considering it, so had done a lot of research on "the best clinic".  I'll admit to being very lazy in this regard and just asked her which one I should go to.  But in all honesty, I would have asked for her input anyway, and she's ridiculously meticulous about these things, so I don't think I would have chosen better.

I'm not sure yet if I should reveal the name of the clinic, particularly as I'm going through the process, so for now I'll keep it anonymous.

I contacted the clinic by email to ask about egg freezing and what would I need to do if I was interested in finding out more.  They sent me an email with information sheets about the procedure, and the costs.  Which were not insubstantial.  I read through it and contacted them to ask about getting an initial consultation and also said that I was on the birth control pill (Cerazette).  They emailed me back to say that they don't recommend doing any tests until you are off the pill for four months, so if I wanted to proceed, I should go off the pill and get back in touch in four months.

I copied my mom in on all of the email.  As she's paying for this, I want her to feel part of the process and know what I'm going through.  We talked about it.  Confirmed the cost commitment.  I reiterated to her that I may not be a suitable candidate.  That the first thing I need to do is talk to someone who knows about this stuff.  Get the basic tests done.  Get information.

She understood and agreed.

That was six months ago.

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