29 June 2013

Cycle 2: Day 17

Sorry again for the day delay, all due to the stupid phone company.  I'm now borrowing internet from my neighbor!

Facts first.  I got 4 eggs and all 4 were able to be frozen.  I'd like to have a bit more information than that, but I couldn't get my phone to work so instead the embryologist call went to voice-mail.  I assume they were all mature and looked good.  I hope the embryologist calls back today, but I'm not sure they will.  I had a couple of other questions, but I can ask the doctor when I go back in a couple of weeks for a follow up appointment.

The day itself was both uneventful and eventful.  My biggest gripe was that although I showed up 15 minutes early to make sure I was there for noon and I was supposed to be having my retrieval 37 hours past the Ovitrelle trigger at 12:30, I didn't even get in to my recovery room to change until 12:25 and I estimate my procedure was probably at 1:00 or even a little bit past.  This just stressed me out, which is not what you really want when you're preparing for a medical procedure.  I was assured by more than one person that it wouldn't make a difference but I was conscious of how few eggs I had to work with and the thought of losing a single one just gave me intense stress.  This was compounded by my internet based knowledge that some clinics trigger as early as 35 hours before the retrieval and since my clinic goes with 37, that already seems on the "late" side of things.  It just put a blip into my otherwise uneventful day!

So given that I was stressed I changed very quickly and was ready to go.  A bit of 'hurry up and wait'.  I could hear couples (mostly couples) in some of the other cubicles.  This is the second time I've heard a male partner be rude to their female partner during what I assume is an IVF process.  I get that men tend to fall into the 'I want to be able to help or I just get frustrated' category but seriously.  This particular couple, it was obvious she was just out of retrieval and every time she saw him she came to enough to ask how many eggs they got.  He said around 15.  Then she'd slip out of consciousness, come back, and ask the same question.  By the third time he started in with, "I already told you this!".  Charming.

Eventually the anesthesiologist came to get me and we had a nice chat.  I remembered a bit about him from the first time and I think he was amused that I remembered what we talked about.  We chatted a bit more as he got me all set, put the cannula in, put electrodes on me.  The doctor who did my procedure was not my main doctor but what I now think of as my second doctor.  I remember asking about the delay and the impact.  I also remember saying that I really wanted 4 eggs as a minimum and that if I got less I'd get depressed about it but then I'd get over it.  They had me scooting down the table into position and I was alert when the mask went over my face, but not much beyond that.  I think I have a vague memory of being transfered from the procedure table to the recovery bed.  I definitely have a memory of the doctor coming to see me in the recovery room to tell me that got 4 eggs.  Although that was very hazy, I know it happened, and then also turned out to be true, so reinforces that it happened.

Eventually I came to, nice and comfortable in the bed.  The machine on my finger monitored my heart beat and a cuff on my arm did my blood pressure every five minutes.  I came around more fully and the nurse told me my friend was here so I said they could let her come sit with me.  They brought me tea with sugar and I drank that while chatting with my friend, none of which I can remember now.  I know I was starving having not eaten since  about 7 or 8 the night before so I also got some cookies and wolfed those down.  Then I got dressed and we went home where my friend made me a lovely tray of macaroni and cheese for my dinner and for 'comfort'.  Yum!

So today I feel mostly fine.  Less cramping then the first cycle, but then, I had fewer follicles.  I can still feel my ovary, so I know it's still enlarged and will stay like that until my period comes.  On my last scan I had asked my doctor if I could cycle this week in Cambridge but he said he wouldn't advise it.  His reasoning was that although the chance is small for torsion, because I only have the one ovary, his advice was to be super cautious about it and even a small risk was not one he would suggest I take, whereas if I had two ovaries he'd be less concerned.  I thought that was fair, so I'm looking at a week of walking around Cambridge this week.  But that's fine.  I need to get my exercise back on track and walking seems a good way to start.

And so that's it for cycle 2.  I'll update the costs again when I get around to it, and I'll update again when I have my follow up appointment.  I also think I'm going to see the counselor that the clinic offers as a service, so I'll probably write about that as well.  And obviously if and when cycle 3 comes on, I'll be back for that as well.  Not quite done with this blog yet!

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