11 January 2013

Periods and Planning

So I did hear back from the clinic finally and they suggested that a cycle will take approximately two months- as I start the first round of pills on the 19th day after my period, and the collection is on the cycle following.  So they asked me to let them know when I got my period so they could send me a time-schedule of how this should all play out.

I have just gotten my period, so two months from now puts me into March.  I'm slightly stressed by this as I have a commitment out of London the week of the 18th which technically should be the week after my period (and collection??) but if not, I'm going to have a problem.  I'm going to have to see if they can keep me on the control pills an extra week.  What a mess.  Or I wait yet another month.

However, as discussed previously, I don't really want to put it off.  I do get that stressful feeling that now that I've decided it, sooner is much better.  Younger eggs!  By a whole month!  I know it's silly, but I think it's understandable why someone would feel like this.

Anyway, I'll update again with the proposed schedule from the doctor and we'll take it from there.

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