17 December 2012

EMail Sent

Just a quick one.

Sent an email to the clinic confirming that I want to go ahead with the procedure.  As my understanding is it must start with your period, I'm looking at February.  Then I actually looked at my diary for February and got a mild sort of panic.

This is no small commitment and my life is a little bit messy at the moment.  I have at least two things in February I absolutely can not reschedule.  I need to better understand the day-by-day schedule for this procedure so I can try to work around it and with it.  This is also complicated by the fact that I usually spend my life one week in London and one week in Cambridge.  It's not the end of the world to go between either, but it's not ideal.  With enough notice I could probably just stay in London (except for when I have a meeting in Cambridge that's not moveable).

And then the ridiculous mind-set drifts in.  I start to panic that I'm wasting months and getting older and every month gone is going to somehow decrease my chance.  I know this is not healthy thinking and I must stop it.  It's easy to see how it happens though.

Deep breaths.

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