29 January 2013

(Not) Understanding Numbers

I look around a few IVF/egg freezing places and of course everyone wants to compare their numbers.  Follicle Count, AMH, and FSH.  Here's the problem.  All of the numbers and charts provided are based on a woman with two ovaries.  I have no idea what the numbers mean with my one little ovary.

In my quest to find information, I found something else of use that is not so easy to find- a comparison of US to UK AMH readings and brackets for what they mean: http://www.drmalpani.com/amh.htm.

Based on this, my AMH at 9.4 pmol/l would put me in a low fertility bracket.  Although if it was doubled, I'd be in a satisfactory fertility bracket.  Of course, following that logic, even if I was satisfactory, I'd only betting half of what a satisfactory person would be getting, but I still think it makes a difference based on how many eggs you might be able to get from a single ovary in terms of trying to temper my expectation.

Similarly, I found this: http://www.advancedfertility.com/antralfollicles.htm regarding Antral Follicle Counts.  Now my count was 9- in one ovary and here there is an even bigger difference.  As a single ovary I'm looking at a reduced count but if that were doubled, I'd be skipping a bracket right into a normal or good count.

These will be questions for my meeting on the 5th.  Unfortunately however, UK doctors are just not as forthcoming as American ones.  By the way, if anyone comes across this post and knows the answer, even if it's months from now, please feel free to illuminate.  I will update the blog if I find an answer.

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