27 April 2013

Drug Delivery

About a week after I'd sent off my prescription to Healthcare at Home (HaH) I got a call to arrange payment and delivery.  They were really helpful and friendly on the phone.  There was a bit of a mess because it was going on my mom's credit card and she's in the States and they needed her to verify the payment but actually in the end it was all rather simple and easy and so the drugs were paid for at the price I was quoted (still can't believe it) and delivery was arranged for today.

They made a point of telling me that some of the drugs require chilling and so would need to be put in the fridge straight away and instructions would be provided.  This proved to be true.  It was marked on the box...

...as well as on the inventory.

So all of that has gone straight into the fridge, super easy.  The rest is all the Cetrotide which apparently does not need to be refrigerated.  That's a lot of Cetrotide!

The only disappointing thing about this was that the drugs and the inventory were all that was in the box.  I had asked if the sharps bin came with the drugs and I was told in my original contact by email as well as over the phone that everything I needed would be included, but I'm sad to report it was not.  On the other hand, I don't think it's that complicated to get a sharps bin (I'm fairly certain I can pick one up from a pharmacy or from my GP).  It's just a small hassle that I wasn't expecting.  In the grand scheme of things, it's fine.  And I think it's probably an oversight or error since multiple people told me that it would be there.

I'm really not complaining all things considered.

So it's weird to have all the drugs again.  It's still a month away and I've got a three week trip to the States that's going to happen in between now and then.  Part of me is sort of looking forward to getting it started though, and part of me is looking forward to just getting it done.

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