12 November 2013

Final Costs

I went to the clinic today for my last follow up appointment.  I have more to say about that, but I thought I'd separate the posts.  This one is going to be about costs.

If you want to see all my posts documenting cost along the way, you can either click on the word cloud "cost" over to the right hand side, or, you can click here.

So here's the final breakdown:

Previous total cost for 2 cycles£10,481
Follow up Appointment£120
Drugs from Healthcare at Home £729
Egg Freezing Cycle£2800
Final Total £14,130

The doctor I saw today did not charge me for the follow up appointment.  I feel confident that if I'd seen either of the other two, they would have.  I'm not complaining.

With 13 eggs in the freezer, that's around £1,100 per frozen egg.  That's expensive.  I mean, that's really expensive, when you consider that one or two may not defrost, and I may not even get a baby from them.  Heck, I may not ever USE these eggs.

It's important to note that I have paid up front for 10 years storage.  If I don't use all 10 years, I should be refunded some amount for the years I don't use (maybe £800 back let's say?).  I also paid for blood tests and things that I might have been able to get done for free or for cheaper through my GP and not through the clinic (£250 or so?).  There was also the added expense of not knowing about Healthcare at Home for my first cycle, and the cost difference for that is explicitly documented in my post about Reducing Drug Costs (£1000 approximately).  

But here's the thing.  If the time comes in the future that I did want to have the option to use frozen eggs, would I regret this if I had NOT frozen my eggs.  100% absolutely.  

In the end it's only money.  Regrets are far more expensive.

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