29 October 2013

Cycle 3: Day 16

So my collection was this morning and I got 3 mature eggs that were able to be frozen.

This is not the ending that I was hoping for, for this particular journey or this final cycle.  That brings the grand total of three rounds of egg freezing to 13 frozen eggs.  Which is what many women (with two ovaries) get from their first and sometimes only cycle.

I hasten to add that I don't in any way regret that I've done this.  Just that I am a bit sad about the results.  As I think I mentioned in my last post, the odds of a live baby from 13 eggs seems maybe not so great.  Of course there is no way to know that until I actually go to use the eggs.  And even if I had 20 eggs there might not be a baby at the end of it. 

It is what it is.  I'm 39.  It's little bit late.  It would have made no sense to wait longer, although I do wish I had known about this, or done it sooner, these are things you can't change.  So I worked with what I had, and so far this is what I've got.  Which may actually be plenty or it may not at all.

I suppose I just don't have as much confidence as I would like.  But as I say, that's a false hope anyway.

Everything towards the end of the cycle went easily and well.  No problems with any of the injections.  All was easy and simple at the clinic this morning.  I don't have any pain or discomfort at the moment, though I might have a bit of cramping when everything wears off.

I have a counseling appointment in 2 weeks time and I think I'll schedule a follow up to talk through things like, when can I go back on birth control, and talk a bit about future pregnancy and timelines and things like that.  The counseling appointment will probably be a good thing.  The follow up appointment is a necessary thing, and I'll be annoyed, as usual, that I'll have to pay for it.  But it's definitely weird to me to just leave things like this now.  Especially when I have a number of questions.

When that's complete I'll also do a final cost tally.

And I'll probably prepare some final (or final for now) thoughts on this process overall.  I think doing it right now however, probably isn't the best idea.

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