24 October 2013

Cycle 3: Day 11

Had my last scan of this cycle this morning.  Retrieval is scheduled for Tuesday.  This means I'll be taking my trigger shot Sunday night which will be day 14.  This is identical to my last cycle, and one day ahead of my first cycle.

This morning I woke up with a horrible lower back pain on the side of my ovary.  I'm sure the enlarged ovary isn't helping any because I also feel pretty bloated in the stomach now, but the truth is, I get my fair share of lower back pain so I wasn't overly alarmed.  I was annoyed though because what I usually do when I have this pain is some yoga stretching which is mostly spinal twisting.  Given that twisting is a big no-no with an enlarged ovary, I've been suffering back pain all day now.  It's not very nice.  And of course I can't take any pain killers either.  Ugh.

Saw the director of the clinic again this time as my normal doctor was fully booked.  I've seen him once already this cycle so I didn't mind too much, although I would probably prefer to see the same doctor throughout.  He had a good look and measure of the follicles and the ovary (I think because I also mentioned the back pain).  Apparently everything is growing at pretty much an identical pace to the previous cycles so I suppose it's good that I'm reasonably reliable.

He counted six good sized follicles with a couple more behind, so that was good.  I was watching the scan as he looked and it was difficult to tell sometimes where one started and another stopped.  When they are side by side it's easy, but when they're on top of each other it's not as clear.  At any rate, it looks like I have a bit more follicles than last cycle, although obviously they may not all contain eggs.  I also have three more days of stimulating.  So hopefully it will all go as previous and I get a reasonable number of eggs.

So having the retrieval day, my next order of business was to find someone to collect me from the clinic.  I still think this is one of the more demoralizing aspects to egg freezing.  My collection is on a Tuesday morning.  So I have to ask someone to take off work to meet me.  I don't have a partner where it would sort of be their obligation.  It's not always easy.  I've was pretty lucky the first two cycles but this one wasn't so easy.  I had to call and email a few people before I finally found someone who could do it.  I had talked to the receptionist about if I really couldn't find anyone and I did have a back-up plan to take a taxi home.  It would have worked out either way, but I guess what I'm saying is, it's not nice to feel alone in the midst of this.  It's just one more thing you don't really need.

Anyway, it's sorted.

And I'm probably particularly feeling grumpy because of the hormones.  I can tell that I'm definitely grumpy!

I have enough drugs to see me through so that was all good.  I'll end up with one 225 dose of Gonal-F left in the pen but that means I completely saved money by buying the drugs externally.  The only thing I had to get from the clinic was the Voltarol suppository, but they give me that for free, so not a problem.  Only four more days of injections left!  I'm actually pretty excited that this is almost over!

In other news mulling over in my head, over on the eggsurance forum there has been a woman posting about how she tried to use her frozen eggs.  I'm not sure of all the details, but it seems like she had 9 frozen eggs in total, it resulted in two embryos, both of which she implanted, but both of which were miscarried recently.  That was a bit depressing to hear.  I know there are a lot of factors that go into all of this and you can't really compare yourself to one person on a forum, but I'm just conscious that I'm not going to end up with that much many more eggs than she had.  I guess it's important to remember that none of this is any sort of guarantee.

It's not worth thinking about it too much.  I feel bad for the woman.  There are other options, and I hope she feels satisfied that she did what she could, but it's definitely a blow.


Unless something remarkable happens between now and retrieval, I'll next write to say how it all went.  I have an acupuncture appointment on Saturday which I'm oddly looking forward to.  You'd think I'd be fed up with needles by now!!

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