15 October 2013

Cycle 3: Day 2

So I did my first injection last night and it was sort of surreal.  In many ways I feel very unprepared for this cycle, although I'm not really.  I'm just so incredibly stressed right now and I seem to have so many things going on.  Then I'm adding the egg freezing on top of everything else.  The injection was fine though, no problem.  I did read through the little instruction book though just to make sure I remembered everything I'm supposed to do!  Although how hard is it to wipe with sterile pad, screw on needle, turn dial to 300, pinch, inject, hold for 10 seconds, release! 

My next scan is on Thursday to see how they are growing.  I have also arranged a counseling appointment for Thursday.  I should have done this sooner but due to the above mentioned stress, it's just been one more thing on my to do list that slipped.  Never mind.  I've managed to arrange it now for just after my scan so we'll see how that goes.

Part of me wonders if my current stress levels haven't been exacerbated by my hormone injection last night.  Although honestly, I'm sure this is not the case and I'm actually just stressed but I feel particularly 'not with it' today.  Who knows.  It doesn't really matter!  It's all systems go now.  I hope we see a good number of follicles on Thursday...

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