17 October 2013

Cycle 3: Day 4

Had my scan this morning.  There was a fuck up at the clinic- as my appointment was just not on the system.  I showed up, but they didn't have me down and of course the doctors were fully booked.  I had scheduled a counseling appointment for after my scan, so I had that and then the clinic director (not my normal doctor) saw me.  So it was okay in the end, although I would have preferred to see my regular doctor, there are only 3 doctors and I always see a doctor so it's not that big a deal.  I suppose it's just good luck though that I'm a full time student and could waste my entire morning instead of being done by 10:30 like I'd planned.

So scan reporting first.  The doctor saw 7-8 follicles, they're all still small, only about 6.5mm.  He's keeping me on the 300 Gonal-F for three more days and then I drop down to 225.  My next scan is on Monday.  I also start adding the Cetrotide tonight.  Got to keep hold those little growing eggs!  So really nothing else to discuss about the scan.  All is regular.  Continue on course.

The counseling session was interesting.  I really think it's something I should have done during my first cycle.  I did a lot of thinking and working through stuff on my own (some of it's on here).  So this was a bit more like me reporting to someone else about the process I feel I've gone through.  You know- first having to face up to the whole children issue when I always thought it would vaguely 'happen some day' and suddenly realizing that 'some day' was really on a very limited time scale.  Then having to process what it might mean if I don't find a partner in the next couple of years and whether or not I'd be willing to have a child on my own (I would).  Of course that comes with no small amount of sadness and guilt and stress.  I also talked about how coming to these decisions has changed my view of the future about things like what job I want to take after I finish the PhD as I am thinking about things like maternity cover.

I've made another appointment to see her after this cycle finishes and when I put this egg freezing chapter of my life to bed for now.  So I will report back on how that goes.  Overall though, I thought it was really good to talk to someone, I just feel a bit dense for not doing it sooner.

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