13 June 2013

Cycle 2: Day 1

So I went to the clinic today for my first scan and tonight is my first injection.  I remembered to take the Gonal-F out of the fridge so it won't be too cold.  My scan was fine.  Not with my usual doctor as he's on holiday, but with his colleague who I've seen before.  There wasn't much discussion or information.  Just an 'all good' and a schedule for injections!

I had to pay the big bill today, but since I've already paid for my drugs, that should be most of the money done for two cycles now.  I'll do a cost update at some point with all the costs.  I was paying for the egg freezing and talking to the office manager and I complained about how my follow up appointment was not included and that I had to a) request it and b) pay for, on the last cycle.  She agreed with me that it wasn't good but needs to talk about it with the doctors.  Meaning, she couldn't give me anything for it, but I'm glad I complained.

I was also slightly distressed that my cycle seems to be coinciding with all of the doctors being busy or away.  I tried to schedule my next scans and could only schedule the very next one, and a day after what I wanted.  So my next (second) scan is on Tuesday.  I really wanted Monday morning but there weren't any openings.  This means I need to go up to Cambridge, come back from Cambridge, go back to Cambridge, and come back from Cambridge whereas I really just wanted to go up and come back once.  Oh well.  It's a minor inconvenience really.  But the doctors being away is a bigger one.  I'll find out more on Tuesday about when and with who my next scans are going to be.  Not entirely pleased about it at the moment but I'm hoping it sorts itself out somehow.

Not much else to say yet.  I did pick up a sharps bin from the clinic as I didn't get one with my drug delivery (even though I was supposed to).  So at least that's sorted.

Right.  I guess I better go get it done!

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