30 June 2013

End Cycle 2, Cost Update

At the end of cycle 2, I thought I'd post a cost update.  You can see the full breakdown from the first cycle here (with the cost of my follow up scan added here).  You can also see the drug breakdown comparison from my first cycle bought direct from my clinic to the Healthcare at Home order here.  For ease, costs have been rounded to the nearest pound.

Previous total cost£6996
Norethisterone delivery from clinic£11
Drugs from Healthcare at Home £584
Egg Freezing Cycle£2800
225 Gonal F from clinic £90

The total for the second cycle came to £3485.  Given my estimated budget of  £10k for 2 cycles, that's pretty much right on target.  It would have even been a bit better if I had known about the less expensive drugs from Healthcare at Home for my first cycle.  And of course I expect a refund at some point from the 10 years of storage since I doubt I'll use all ten years.  I think they refund you £150 for every year not used.

Assuming I go for a third cycle I will be able to shave off a tiny bit more- as the norethisterone didn't arrive in time, I have it set for the next cycle and don't need anymore.  I also would get a 450 Gonal-F pen from Healthcare at home as I believe that even if I don't need both doses, it would still be cheaper than the one dose I had to buy extra this cycle from my clinic.  Although I only have one Cetrotide left over so I'd need more of those, maybe it would work out to the same then.

Egg freezing is not an inexpensive process, especially when like me, you need multiple cycles.  I hope that in the couple of years between now and when I hope to use the eggs the costs may come down a bit as the popularity continues.  In the next month I will need to consider my options for paying for a third cycle.  My mother paid for most of the first two (I think I paid about £1000 of the total myself), but that is all she can afford.  I am going to speak to my step-mother about whether or not she thinks it's worth discussing it with my father or not.  I could take money out of my mortgage, or I could use my savings.  I have enough to cover the third cycle myself, although it would take a substantial amount of my savings at a time when I may need it (I'm finishing a PhD and my funding runs out at the end of the year).

Still, at the start of this process I said I probably wouldn't have done it if I had to pay for it myself, but now I obviously feel differently and that it would be worth my own savings to finish this journey.  I think that's probably worth noting.  I have no idea what the future may hold but it's clear that doing this has given me some sense of confidence or comfort that wasn't obvious at the start.

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