24 June 2013

Cycle 2: Day 12

Had another scan today.  Still at about 6 follicles or so.  Two of them are larger and could be collected but the doctor is hoping the other four will grow and catch up.  I had a good talk with this doctor today.  I said that I was feeling a bit discouraged about the lower follicle count compared to the first cycle.  She told me that I really had no reason to be discouraged.  That it was a reasonable outcome for someone of my age and with one ovary.  And that I was responding well to the medication.  She said that when they usually see women it's because they are having fertility problems, and I don't even know if I have any problems at all.  She reiterated that it's really a lot about the egg quality.  She told me she's seen women who get over ten eggs and none are good quality and another woman who came and only got one egg and then she got pregnant.  Apparently they've also used frozen eggs successfully.  Although they were donor eggs (and so most likely younger than my eggs) there were two frozen and they got a single pregnancy.  So all of that was good.  She also mentioned that I might want to take advantage of the free counseling that the clinic offers.  I mean, I'm not entirely sure what a counselor can tell me.  I sort of know what the deal is, it's just stressful.  On the other hand, I feel a lot better having talked to the doctor and so maybe it would help to talk to the counselor and considering it's free, why the heck not?

I also asked the doctor about the protocol they use compared to the ones I hear about from the other egg freezers I know in the States.  It seems like the UK protocol is much simpler- less drugs and almost no blood work other than the initial blood work.  The doctor told me that they've looked at all the results so far from these procedures and they feel they simply aren't necessary.  Obviously each doctor will have a different opinion but I do feel good that they at least keep up with these things.  My clinic is one of the best in the UK with high results to prove it.  They have to know something right about what they're doing.

In the meantime I continue on the same schedule- 225 Gonal-F and .25 Cetrotide.  My next scan is Wednesday and collection will probably be Friday or maybe Saturday but I'll know for sure after the next scan.  Seems like I'm on the same time schedule as the first cycle.  Oh, and I did say something about how I felt like it was along time and she assured me that this is not a long time.  She said some people take 3-4 weeks, and that's a long cycle!

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