27 June 2013

Cycle 2: Day 15

So yesterday was a big day!  Sorry to be a day behind but I got home and the phone company had shut off all the phones in my building which meant no easy internet.

Anyway, yesterday was scan day.  Back to my regular doctor.  Had a good scan and a good chat with him.  The decision was made to trigger, so my collection is tomorrow (Friday).  That's one day short of the last cycle but pretty much the same.  I have 4 large follicles and any further stimulation could cause me to lose them.  I may lose one already but we'll see.  There are also 3-4 follicles just squeaking past 11mm.  Apparently that's the threshold for finding mature eggs.  So they will sweep all of them in the hopes of finding some.  But I guess I should be looking for about 4 eggs tomorrow and anything more would be great and anything less will make me depressed and then I'll have to get over it.

So my appointment is at noon tomorrow.  This meant I took only Cetrotide last night before 10:30 (I took it around 9:30, and I did it in a restaurant bathroom.  Not ideal but it was all rather short notice and I figured that was better than cancelling my plans.).  Then at precisely 11:30 at night I did the Ovitrelle injection.  This was a different system than the one I got on my first cycle.  This one came in a pen just like the Gonal-F so super easy.  Not that the pre-filled syringe wasn't easy as well.  I like injections that are easy.

And now I wait.  Today no injections.  No food or drink past midnight.  On the first cycle my collection was early in the morning, so it was easy not to do food or drink.  This time I have to wait out half a day which is going to be a bit more challenging although obviously not nearly impossible.  Just annoying really.  Also no deodorant or anything so I'll take a shower before I go and hope it's not too warm out.  Oh, and of course there's the lovely Voltarol suppository that I just need to "pop in" before heading to the clinic.  Fun times.

I've arranged a friend to come meet me and go home with me.  Much easier this time as the first person I asked could do it.  And she's super sweet, she asked me what I wanted as some comfort food so she'd make it for me when we get back to mine.  Macaroni and cheese, you are mine all mine!

In other news I learned how I get moved from the procedure room to the recovery room.  Apparently they wheel in the recovery room bed and slide you across.  That makes sense.  I knew it wasn't the same bed!  I also asked about follow up appointments.  Apparently the reason I got charged for the last one is I had a scan.  A talking follow up appointment is free, but the scan costs.  I still find that slightly annoying, especially since I was "feeling" my ovary and I think it's reasonable aftercare to have a look and make sure nothing is wrong.  But this time I know, or rather, expect that my ovary will take a while to get back to "normal" so I won't have a scan after but I will make a follow up appointment to discuss what the next steps are.  If I do get 4 eggs I'll have 10 on ice.  That's really not enough for me to feel comfortable.  But I can probably only afford one more cycle.  So we'll see.

The only differences between last cycle and this cycle other than my taking conception vitamins was one less day of norethisterone prior to stimulation.  There haven't been any other impact factors.  I mean, other than I'm stressed, but I'm pretty sure I was stressed for the first cycle.  And I mean "life" stressed not egg freezing stressed.  Meh.  It is what it is!  I'm doing the best I can!  (Repeat).

Oh, the other thing I talked about with the doctor was in vitro maturation of eggs that aren't mature.  He wasn't in favor saying the results are really generally poor and in fact as a clinic they are so underwhelmed by the success of in vitro matured eggs they don't offer it.  Again, who am I to argue with the doctor?  Their success rates as a clinic are high.  I'm sure that it does work for some people, but I guess they look at it as an overall benefit and don't see it as panning out.  So one less thing for me to consider.  That's fine.  I'm okay with that.

So anyway, depending on when I have home internet again, I'll update with the results.  Nothing to do now but wait! (And drink gallons of water.)

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