08 June 2013

F*** You, Post Office

I've had a very frustrating morning.  I only had enough norethisterone for 7 days and then the head nurse said after discussion I could take them for 9 days but they had to send me more.  So I ordered them and they mailed them to me but I was away last week when they arrived so I got a post slip and had to arrange redelivery.  I've waited all morning for it, it's not here and now the post office is closed for pick ups.  This means I will not be on the norethisterone for the 2 additional days.  I'm annoyed about this but I hasten to add, not panicked.  Mainly because my doctor suggested I only take them for the 7 days anyway (when I said that was what I had left from the first cycle) so it was a late change to add the 2 days.  And not by my doctor.  So it goes to show how... 'not rigorous' the process is.  Still, I had in my head I'm going to take pills for 7 days and then the pills don't arrive due to my FUCKING post office people and it really makes me angry.  I should have just not arranged the redelivery and gone this morning to pick everything up.    SO ANGRY.

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