11 June 2013


So my period has arrived.  Full flow started around 4pm or so which makes tomorrow 'day one' according to my clinic.  I will call them in the morning and arrange my first scan for Thursday which, if all looks well, will also be day 1 of injections.  For my first cycle I started shots on the 9th and had the retrieval on the 26th.  This month my first shot will be on the 13th. If my cycle takes as long, that puts my retrieval at the 30th.  I really hope it doesn't go as long this time!  But I have enough drugs ready in case it does.  I'm actually sort of excited to get this all going again.  I don't think I'll do the day by day journal that I did for my first cycle, but I'm sure I'll update with things that occur to me.

I will say one thing of significance which is, this time around I feel much more calm.  I've done this once already so there are less 'unknowns' and questions that I have.  I've also come to terms with how I feel right now about where I'm at relationship wise, with thinking about having children in the future, etc.  I'm also not scared or nervous, although of course I'm a bit anxious because there is always the worry about how many eggs you're going to get.  But that's the only thing I'm worrying about.  Everything else is much calmer this time around.  So that's good.  And a good thing to know if someone reading this is thinking of doing a second cycle.  I think the second cycle is probably a lot easier.

She says at the start.

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