28 February 2013

48 Hours Later

I'm finally starting to feel a little bit more normal.

When I wrote my last post, I was at home relaxing after the procedure.  I did manage to go up to Cambridge that night and I did note that the more I moved around the more "crampy" and "achy" my abdominal area seemed to be.  And it wasn't only concentrated on my left side where my ovary is.

I took some paracetamol as I was told I could and slept okay when I finally got home, although I woke up with more abdominal discomfort and a bit of bloating.  When I got up to go to the bathroom, I had a lot of gas but not much productivity.  This reminded me that when I had the surgery to have my ovary removed, they told me that abdominal intrusion can make the digestive track seize up.  In fact, they wouldn't let me leave the hospital until I'd pooped back then.  So I started to wonder if something similar wasn't going on.

Yesterday I had a course to go on so I did that and continued to have the occasional over the counter painkiller.  Uncomfortable, but not really worse than bad period pains.  I was noting that it seemed more 'abdominal' than 'right side' and although I was drinking a lot, and peeing a lot, no other action was going on.

As I didn't bring my bicycle up (like I usually do) I decided to walk home last night which is a little over a mile.  It wasn't the most comfortable walk, but I took it slow and steady.  I felt that getting some light physical activity in might help my system get moving.  Got home, lots of air, no action.

This morning however, my abdominal area feels much better.  I got up and had results in the bathroom.  I have no idea of I'm making connections that aren't there, but I do know I feel much more comfortable and generally better.  Still a bit of bloating and now any aches are pretty much identifiable as on my left side where the ovary is still enlarged.

Also, I've noticed that I think I bit my tongue under sedation and maybe it pressed on my jaw a bit funny if they gave me an oxygen mask as both sides of my jaw, close to my ears is sore to the touch.  First I thought it was a pimple, but then I noticed it was on both sides and think it was something else.  The tongue thing is annoying, but it will sort itself out.

So I guess I just wait for my period and finally my body can return to normal for a bit, before I go for it again in June.

I feel less disappointed by my six eggs.  And I'm really pleased that they are there waiting for me in the freezer.  It does make me determined to do at least one more cycle, but I am glad that I have done this.  My chances at future pregnancy only diminish from here on out, so those six eggs, and whatever I get in June are a great investment.

When I get back to London I will try to do a break-down post about my costs, as I think it's something useful there should be more information about.  I should also have my formal letter from the clinic regarding the extraction, so I will post if there is anything interesting from that. I may also, in the interim, post some thoughts on future parenthood.  But in general, I suspect this blog will go a bit quiet until my next cycle starts up.

I'm glad that my story has helped some people.  Any questions, please email or leave a comment.  And if you are starting your own journey and begin a blog, please send me the link and I will add it to the blog roll on the right.

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