17 February 2013

Day 7 & 8

Missed a day of posting because yesterday was a horrible disaster.  Nothing to do with the egg freezing mind you.  More to do with a friend of mine getting attacked and mugged on my doorstep.  This would have been bad enough, but it was followed by a car with shot people in it coming to find the police for help (who were obviously at my flat) and then a million police showing up to deal with that, while I was left to deal with my traumatized friend before the police got around to coming back to her.

On top of which, this incident has pushed my flatmate over the edge.  She just got home having left the house in a panic yesterday night after the excitement.  I'm fully expecting her to give me notice that she's moving out, but as it is, she clearly isn't talking to me.  Charming.

So yeah... injections.

Last night they were about an hour late.  Tonight I got them done on time.  I'm looking forward to my scan tomorrow.  My right side is definitely feeling tight and bloated.  I'm finding it hard to regain my 'happy place' of thoughts with all of this bloody drama going on.  I mean you have got to be kidding me!!  But I'm not freaking out, so that's good.  Definitely looking forward to the scan and talking to the doctor tomorrow.  It's not until the afternoon, but that's okay.

I hope for some good follicle news and a better idea of collection day so I can arrange for my friend to come with me.  Getting close now!!

If only there wasn't all this outside stress now to also contend with.... I'm not sure how much positive vibes and calmness help with follicles and eggs or how much stress and agitation may hurt follicles and eggs.  All I know is- it is on it's own a somewhat stressful thing to undertake.  It's a shame that my life at the moment is adding to it in a negative way!

Tomorrow is another day.

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