21 February 2013

Day 12

Okay, I've taken to writing in the morning, not after my injections in the evening.

Last night's injections sucked.  They all seemed to be painful and pokey.  I say "they all" because although the Gonal-F is super easy and not a problem, I had to do the Cetrotide 3x before I got it right!!  First I tried a spot that was just too pokey so I couldn't manage.  Not sure I properly broke the skin but I think I must have been just on top of a nerve or something.  So needle out.  Pick another spot, still pokey but just want to get it done with, get it in and AGAIN I realize I've forgotten to get rid of the air bubble.  Needle out.  Third spot still a bit pokey.  At this point I wonder if I've blunted the needle with too many tries, but I get it in and done with and then just generally felt uncomfortable and poked from the shots.  And even though the Gonal-F is fine, I still picked a somewhat pokey spot.  So a big blah to the injections last night.

In the meantime, this amused me for no particular reason.  And as my cleaner comes today, it will all be gone shortly.  I wonder what she's going to think of my rather full bedroom garbage....

Looking forward to my scan in the morning.  I am hoping with all my might that they think Monday is perfect for collection.  Although I did ask the doctor I saw on Wednesday if I have the collection Monday morning did she think I could be traveling Monday night and she pretty much looked at me like I was crazy.  And said I should definitely not be riding a bicycle for a couple of days.  I think I'm someone who always thinks I can do things before realizing I can't.  So in my head these were completely sensible questions.  And to be honest, I'm going to see how I feel and if I think I can travel the evening of the collection, and if I think I can ride my bike, I'm going to do it.  I just can't keep putting off my normal life for so long.  Although I could skip the bike- it would mean a lot more walking and possibly taking taxis which is not ideal, but also not impossible.  Anyway, we'll see how I feel.

I've decided that I'm getting grumpy.  And this could be a side effect from the drugs.  It could also be a side effect from undertaking a somewhat stressful procedure.  But I feel particularly grumpy and irritable which is how I tend to feel when I have periods.  So yeah, maybe this is a mild side effect.

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