16 February 2013

Day 6 - Shots

Just a quick one on the shots last night.  Again I was a little bit late so I just wanted to get home and get it done.  I was still just trying to get my mind in the right place after the panic.  I am also going to guess that my reaction to the cyst was maybe due to all these hormones I'm taking?  At any rate, I just thought I'd have a nice calm night of doing my injections and going to bed.

So first I finished off that 900 Gonal-F pen which kept sticking at 25.  I was careful to ensure it pressed the entire way down for the last dose and did not get stuck on 25 so that was good.  Then I went to mix up the Cetrotide.  Did all the steps, ready to go, get the needle in (and it was a bit pokey in the place I selected), I look down and realize I didn't expel the air bubble!  Ugh!

So I had to withdraw the needle which now had a bit of blood on it and blood welling up (because I picked a pokey spot).  I slowly expelled the air bubble which also meant a little bit of blood that was in the needle tip came out.  I wiped it with the alcohol wipe and let it dry and didn't let it touch anything else and when the air was gone I picked a new spot and did the injection.

You think you're just getting to be good at all this stuff and then oops!  At least I caught it.

I'm starting to feel a bit of "tightness" in my right side (where the ovary is).  It's not pain or even twinges, but more like a small fullness.  It's interesting of course because I can compare the two sides as one has no ovary and I can tell a difference.  Or maybe I'm just getting a little bloated.  To be fair, none of it is particularly bothersome.  And other than yesterdays breakdown in tears, I can't say I've noticed any side effects in particular.  Although I still have five or six days to go... I tell you what.  I'm already looking forward to my "down time" between cycles.  The one thing I am starting to feel is just a bit stressed again.  I just want to get to the end and know how it's going to go (and really know if this was all worth it)!!


  1. Hi Kayla! What is a pokey spot? I'm concerned about having enough fat to do my shots so they don't hurt. The more fat, the better I think. When I'm stressed, I don't eat and this process is already stressful and I haven't even started yet! I've lost 5 pounds and trying hard not to lose anymore. Maybe once things get going, I'll not be so stressed. But like you, I'm concerned about getting to the end and the results not being what I expected.

    That is good news that you are feeling tightness in your left side. That means your ovary is growing! Let me know how Monday goes. I'm curious to hear what the doctor says about your cyst. In regards to my fibroids, I will eventually remove them. It is pretty major surgery and recovery is 6-8 weeks. I'm taking things one step at a time. As long as I'm on the BCP, the fibroids don't hurt and I don't have excessive bleeding. However, when I am ready to get pregnant, the fibroids will need to be removed from my uterous since the space for the baby will be limted. I'm not planning to have a baby soon but I probably will have a myomectomy within the next two years.

    My cycle should be any day now! I'm not spotting yet but I can tell something is brewing...I hope my period doesn't come until Wed or Thurs though. I have plans to travel to NY the first weekend in March and if my period is early, that will be cutting into the time when I could be starting stimulation and I sure don't want to travel thru airport security with pens, needles and vials of medicine! Good luck on Monday and please report back.

  2. Hi Meghan! Sometimes the needle seems to slip right in, and I don't feel much, and sometimes I get slightly more of a 'sting/scratch'. On the plus side, once the needle has penetrated the skin, that's the only part that may be uncomfortable. For me, once the needle is past the skin, I don't feel anything else when I need to push it in to the full length. I think you have different distributions of nerves in your skin- and part of me thinks it's just dumb luck if you get a 'clear' spot or a 'nerve' spot which in my head and with complete lack of medical knowledge makes it an 'easy' spot or a more 'pokey' spot. BUT- really, it doesn't "hurt"- and I still think it's visually more bothersome than any very minor pain you may feel. I'm sure you'll be fine!! But you'll have to let me know if you find some spots more pokey than others. :)

    Looking forward to the doctor tomorrow. I've had a stupidly adventurous/horrible weekend. I'll post more about that after tonight's shots as I'll be reporting a two for one.