08 February 2013


End of day three off the norethisterone and finally, just a hint of color... I might get my period tomorrow!  I was starting to worry- what would happen if I didn't get it after all this??  Stress and periods do not go well together!  At any rate, I'm hopeful that tomorrow might be day 1.  But I can tell that it's coming.  So day 4 scan will be Thursday or Friday next week- perfect!

In other news, I am coming down with a cold.  My first thought is "How is a cold going to screw with my egg freezing??" my second thought was "Crap!  I can't take any drugs!!".  This is going to be a very unpleasant cold.  I'm usually a clockwork dayquil/nyquil user.  But I'm not taking anything at the moment.  Not even painkillers for the neck pain I get from sitting at the computer.

I'm still anxious that this is not going to go well and I'm not going to get many eggs. But part of me is also excited to get it started.  And another part of me just wants this first round to be over so I can take cold medication and have a drink!

I think it's a common thing for women who decide on egg freezing - once you decide you want to do it, all of the waiting is particularly painful.  I just want to be getting it done!!

Soon soon soon....

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