09 February 2013


Well, my period arrived with a vengeance this morning!  Woke me up with cramping.  Unusual.  My period is usually fairly light.  I have no idea if this is from the norethisterone.  I usually never have cramps or anything!  At any rate, I'm pleased because today is officially day 1.  Tomorrow night, first injection!  I'm excited to be moving forward and of course hopeful.  My internet is acting up and I'm running around all weekend doing things.  I need to do an intensive internet search on if I can take any drugs at all while doing the egg freezing drugs.  I'm guessing it's 'no' though, so I'm not taking any, but with cramps and a cold, I really wish I could!  Oh well.  It will all be a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things!

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