12 February 2013

Day 3

Okay, that shot hurt more than the first two.  I tried more to my side, and a little higher up than my belly bulge and I don't think I'll be doing that one again.  I'm not sure- maybe I didn't go at a complete 90 degree angle?  To be fair it's hard to tell.  And it's not like it was "painful" just more painful than the first two.  So tomorrow, it's back to the belly bulge.

Tonight I started my new 900 pen.  It comes with a lot more needles (that I also won't use) as you can see here:

 It's not clear where you are supposed to dispose of the extra needles- or the empty pen for that matter.  I think I'll take it all back to the clinic.  They must have medical disposal waste there.  Or maybe it all goes in the sharps bin?  I don't know.  I'll find out tomorrow.  So here is a view of the pen with the cap still on.  The little black spot there shows the dosage.  It's all very easy.  Turn the red end until it reads the right number after attaching the needle and away you go!

If I hadn't been annoyed by the sting of the shot tonight I would have tried to take a photo but I was trying to work out if I had the angle all wrong so couldn't manage it.  But hey, I have lots of time to mess around with cameras and stuff!

In other news... I can't tell how it's affecting my body.  I have a cold so I feel crappy because I have a cold.  I also have my period (though it's ending) so I feel sort of crappy because I have my period.  And of course I'm taking the Gonal-F, which does have side effects but it's basically impossible right now for me to say if I feel crappy because of my period, because of a cold, or because of the drugs, or some combination of any of the above.

I do feel bloated.  And I definitely brought the wrong pair of jeans up with me.  Luckily, I go home tomorrow and I can change back to some comfy pants.  I have my first scan tomorrow afternoon, so I can find out if the three days of drugs have actually done anything.  And tomorrow night I also add the Cetrotide, so then I get to have two shots.  And the Cetrotide requires some mixing, so I'll post more about that too.

Onwards and onwards!  Grow little egglings, grow!


  1. Thanks for sending me the link to your blog. The information is very helpful. I'm wondering how the shots will feel if you don't have a belly budge...
    I'm sorry you have a cold too! Too much going on at once! I'm guessing your period is over too? Maybe the bloating was from that or do you think already from the shots? I read the bloating begins around day 5-6. Oh I'm ready to start this!!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Hi Meghan! To be fair, the shots don't 'hurt', more like a bit of discomfort at most. And I think there's just a visual resistance to sticking needles in yourself. Once they penetrate the outer skin, I haven't felt it 'go in'- it's just that first prick that I think is the hurdle/irritation. My period is over as of today (day 5)- and the bloating has gone down. So maybe period related, but maybe it will start right back up now! I'll be keeping track! Thanks for visiting! See you here and on eggsurance. :)