18 February 2013

Day 9 - Scan

Back from the doctor, had a good chat with him about the whole cyst thing.  He showed me how a (my) dermoid cyst looks a lot like the bowel.  Because my dermoid cyst is very small, it can be difficult to spot.  It is able to seen now because the ovary is enlarged.  It "moves" with the ovary.  But, when the ovary is smaller it can be hard to see from the surrounding gut.  He reiterated that it's very small and nothing to be concerned about.  So I feel much better about all of that.

On to more exciting news!  Follicles!  Now I see from reading other blogs that people get measurements on their follicles and I don't know what mine are.  So I can't say if I have good size ones or not.  I know they are growing though, because the doctor says so!  However, they are growing slowly.  So instead of collection being Thursday or Friday this week, I may be looking at Monday.  Which frankly, sort of sucks.  But I'm going in for another scan on Wednesday and then again on Friday.  So this is going to be a very busy week for my vagina. :)

I was careful to count the follicles he was measuring- so he measured 8 but he didn't measure a bunch that were on the other side.  So I counted ten or eleven follicles.  Obviously some are bigger than others.  Anyway, from everything I can gather, this seems like a good foundation.  So I'm excited.  I just now wish the little eggs would mature faster!

Obviously I'll find out more on Wednesday.  Unfortunately I don't see my regular doctor but I'll see another doctor in the clinic.  Although I'm not concerned about that.  I'm scheduled to see my regular doctor again on Friday.  I have this sneaking suspicion that perhaps they aren't open over the weekend?  I hope that's not the case as it would upset me to think that my collection is predicated on what is best for the doctor's schedule and not what's best for my body when I'm paying a lot of money for this.  But that's me making a gross assumption.  I'll not worry about that until Wednesday, when I'll try to glean more.

Oh, also, this longer stimulation time is a little bit annoying on the budget.  At this rate I'm going to be paying an extra 50-60% for the expensive drugs because I'm going more days than I thought.  In the grand scheme of things, it's okay, but it's a little bit annoying and I wasn't necessarily prepared for that length of extension.  I'm figuring it will be an extra £600 (~$900) per cycle.  Across two cycles, it's something to think about.  But hey-ho, in for a penny in for a pound!

Oh yeah, last thing- when I asked about the break between cycles the doctor said that after collection my period would hopefully come around the 11th of March.  Then April, then May, and THEN I could consider the next cycle.  So assuming everything goes as planned, my second cycle will be June.  Which gives me a good amount of time to relax and have fun in between.  Of course the doctor says to me "One step at a time!".  But I am a busy person and I need to schedule!!

Tonight, the further adventures of the human pin-cushion.  I'm still staying on Gonal-F at 225 with the Cetrotide.

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