20 February 2013

Day 11 - Scan

So I had a scan this morning with a different doctor.  All going well.  I saw her count ten follicles and I saw a few more she didn't count.  She said it was good that they were mostly growing uniformly- that there weren't one or two 'ahead of the pack' in terms of growth which is good.  I guess they try to generally measure only the biggest ones.  She said they were also growing at a regular and steady and desirable rate.  So that was also all good.  The sad news is she said my collection could be Monday or even Tuesday.  It just keeps getting pushed further away!!  Ugh!  I hate the waiting!!!

Also this means I need to try to rearrange my "support" person as the person I had lined up is only free Thursday and Friday.  I think I've arranged someone though, so that's good.

I'm staying on the same dose of Gonal-F (225) plus the Cetrotide.

I asked if I was at any risk of OSHH.  The doctor told me that she didn't think so- especially as I had only one ovary.  If I had two ovaries, then maybe.  I thought this was interesting as I haven't seen anything about OHSS risks being reduced by having one ovary, but hey, I'll take it.

I learned the leftover injection pen and vials can go directly into the trash.  I'm not sure I 100% believe this, but the nurse said that they just put it all in regular trash so I can put it in my trash at home.  So I guess I will, even though it feels vaguely wrong.

Also, I learned that the clinic does see patients on the weekend for procedures- but they don't do scans and regular consultations on the weekend.  That seemed reasonable.

I definitely feel a tightness or pressure on my right side where my ovary is.  It's mildly annoying but not painful.  I can't say I've really had any other side effects that I've noticed.  I have some mild bruising across my belly from all the shots, but it's not that bad, and not painful.

Just back to shots and waiting...


  1. Hey Kayla,
    Sounds like you have been busy! I hope things are calming down at home.
    I'm glad everything is going well regarding your stimulation & exams. That really stinks though that you are going much longer than 10 days for the retrieval but obviously it is necessary. You are almost there!! I would be growing impatient as well. I'm anxious enough already and I haven't even started yet!

    Today is day three of spotting for me so I'm hoping my first continuous day will be tomorrow or Friday then I'll be on BCP for 10 days then stimulation will start on day 4 of getting off BCP. Has your clinic been taking blood as well as doing ultrasounds when you've been going this week? My clinic is open on the weekends too but only for retrievals which sounds the same as what you described.
    I'm glad you aren't having any major side effects. I would be happy with just uncomfortable tightness too. I already have that with my fibroids so maybe I won't feel any different? Looking forward to hearing how Friday goes.


    1. Hey Meghan!

      Yeah, seriously busy. Unfortunately it's how my life is at the moment!! But hopefully I'll have a chill weekend and fingers crossed collection is for Monday (if it's Tuesday it sort of screws up a lot of things, but it is what it is and I'll deal with it).

      Yay spotting!! Your schedule sounds different to mine- I didn't start the BCP until the 18th day (I think) after my period start. Then I started the injections on the second day that my period started after going off the BCP.

      Hopefully you will be used to the 'fullness'. It's not awful, just annoying. And all for a good cause! :)

      My clinic always does ultrasound scans- but I haven't had any blood work. I think they do it if they think it's necessary, but obviously they don't think it's needed? I see a lot of women in the US are typically getting bloodwork.

      I will revise my no side effects to say that my particular grumpiness at the moment may be attributed to the hormones. It's honestly hard to tell if I'm just tired of the stress of the process or particularly grumpy due to hormones!! But- it should all be over relatively soon!! Looking forward to hearing about your process too! :)