19 February 2013

Day 10

Here is some advice.  It is not always great to read the things you find on the internet.

On the other hand, it can be useful to read things you find on the internet.

I'll be honest.  I haven't done loads and loads of reading on egg freezing or IVF cycles and I don't know all the terminology and all of the steps and measures.  I've had to learn as I go.  And it turns out I often have questions.

Of course my first response is to look up answers on the internet.  And there are loads of people talking about stuff- mostly IVF, but still relevant.  But sometimes what they say makes me worry about my protocol or my results.  And that's really a bit useless.

So this is what I think I learned today.  First, I'm on an OCP-antagonist protocol (I think).  The purpose of the norethisterone was to suppress the proto eggs briefly in the hopes that they all come out together so that there are more mature eggs at collection as opposed to varying sizes of eggs which would mean many are not good enough for freezing.

I learned that follicle numbers seem to have very little to do with egg numbers.  And according to IVF blogs, even a good number of good eggs can result in only one or no transferable embryos or blastocysts.  This was depressing.  I even read someone posting about how they had 8 follicles and NO eggs.  Of course this is useless information for me to be reading.

I'm just getting anxious to get to this particular finish line.  I have another scan in the morning with a different doctor.  I'm going to try and get them to tell me as much as possible.  I know there's no use in worrying over things I can't change, and at the moment I don't have anything specific to actually worry about!  I suppose in the space of waiting for what will be, my mind just continues to manufacture a steady stream of 'what ifs'.  I will be very relieved to finish this cycle, one way or another.

Although obviously I will be happy with a good outcome!  I'll be relieved but terribly disappointed with a poor outcome.  Just hate all the waiting!!

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